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Political Science
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Spyridon Kostivilis

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Political Science and Modern Europe: Lecture One Contact Stuff • Luncan A. Way o MW232 o [email protected] o Mondays 11-12 • Dragana Bodruzic (TA) o [email protected] Theme of Revolution • Conceptual Issues  What is it? • Theoretical Issues  What causes it? What are the impacts? • Empirical Cases  French Revolution and Russian Revolution. Theme of Authoritarianism and Terror • Basic definition • Explanations • Terror versus other forms of repression • Causes of terror • Cases  Terror in France, Stalinist Terror, The Holocaust Terms that are Important 1. State, Regime and Government  State does not change from election to election (ie. The police, the military, etc.).  A Regime is a set of rules by which political power is allocated (Democracy, elections, etc.).  A Government is the person/ people in power at a given time (Obama, Harper, etc.). 2. Dependent and Independent Variable  Dependent Variable is what you’re trying to explain (Death of JFK).  Independent Variable is how you’re going to explain that (Racial crisis in the US in the 1960s). 3. Structural and
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