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Political Science
Spyridon Kostivilis

More Russian Revolution Questions! 1. How did Soviet rule differ from Bolshevik rule? • The Soviets focused on the working class, based on fear and violence, and it centralized power around him. Bolsheviks were considered libertarian compared to the soviets (killed many people). There was a large centralization of government and terror was used to ensure people support him. The traditional enemies were eliminated, and anyone could become and enemy of the state. 2. What was the Terror and how was it different from other forms of repression? • The Great Terror was a period of oppression by Stalinist Russia. It appeared while Stalin had done the most (80% more industrialized and 12 million + urbanized), and then Sergei Kirov was assassinated and Stalin used that as an excuse for people attacking the government. It was a period an irrational paranoia that Stalin used to take out his elites that may be against him. • This repression is different from other repression as it was within the elites of the country, and there was no real evidence against Stalin. He had supreme power, and no one was REALLY going against him. 3. How did
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