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The TA Cameron Szabadoz speaks on Godly Rule and Toleration.

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Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

Godly Rule and Toleration:: Lead by Cameron Tolerance: is living with something you dont like. Is tolerance good? o Tolerance to minority groups might be a problem due to the fact that it preserves the fact that you dont like them. 17th century England, people thought it was backwards? o Reformation: church doctrine and authority were being challenged. People who thought differently than another had strong views on how to live life;; contributed to the thirty year war. o Richard Hooker (1554-1600) o Anglican priest and theologian o unity of church and state. o arguing against the radical puritan? o STORY THE CREATION OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLANDANGLICANISM. o They are threatening the order of society (the radicals). o Intolerant to the unity of church and state? He quotes Aristotle. Aristotle, the meaning of life was to be happy and virtuous; beyond bare life=need to
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