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March 22 Lecture - Rousseau II

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Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

POLB71 March 22, 2011 Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1. Slavery Rousseau is indebted to the ancients (i.e. Plato and Aristotle) - Rousseau says to look at the world around and what you see are people who are naturally born free but now we are NOT free for the basic reason that we do not govern ourselves o Moral liberty is the freedom to give laws to ourselves (autonomy self lawrule) - We can still vote for our government thats giving a law to ourselves Rousseau If you think youre governing yourselves, you are even more enslaved - Make yourself even more un-free having representatives doesnt make you free - Slavery also comes from not listening to your reason (i.e. Platos hierarchy of the soul) o You listen to your appetitespassions instead - Plato to be governed by our beastly appetites, were slaves governed by impulse 1. External Slavery Governed by laws of others 2. Internal Slavery Governed by appetitespassions, rather than reason a lot of us are governed by this Rousseau Consumer culture is
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