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Political Science
Jennifer Levine

POLC83 – The Application of American Foreign Policy Lecture 1: Introduction and Syllabus Sept. 5 2013 Agenda: - Professor Introduction - Syllabus Overview - Small Lecture - Extra Syllabuses are available in class Course Description: - Professor not in today. A democrat and a Zionist, TA will be substituting - This course examines the foreign policy of the united states by analyzing its context and application to the middle east - Particularly examining the American efforts to reach a peace agreement between the Israel and Palestinians - Will be keeping a keen eye on the current conflicts in the middle east, their developments, and their impacts on the overall stability in the region - Required reading, The Peace Puzzle, a recent book by the former American Ambassador, will be used to review the process of American efforts, students will be expected to assess the values of the author’s recommendations with a critical eye - Late penalties: 3% a day for 10 days then no acceptance - 3 assumptions, o it is in American interest to work towards peace between IP, doesn’t mean to enact in negotiations, will continue to be involved o Israel is America’s ally in the region, but not the same interests, values are more aligned to Israel than the Palestine, o American policy is a 2 state solution, the expressed policy of the current president and the legislature Course Goals: - Understand dynamics of American foreign policy-making on a high-profile issue. - Learn about the Arab-Israeli conflict and evaluate how American can influence its resolution. - Complete original research into American foreign policy efforts in the Middle East. - Critique recent work suggesting ways America should pursue peace between Israeli and the Palestinians Assignments: - Research paper, 35%, due November 5 Nov [email protected] 3pm - Critique of “The Peace Puzzle”, 30%, Nov 22 @ 11am. - Online quizzes, 5%, Sept 19, Oct 10, Oct 31, Nov 14, + ? - Position Paper on Syria/Egypt, 10%, Oct 3 - Israeli Public Opinion Worksheet, 5%, Oct 24 - Participation, 15% - Extra Credit “Peacemakers Game”, 3%, TBA o http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/4560888/ Research Paper: - Students will choose a topic to research with the approval of the Instructor/TA. Students will research in depth a major event (wars, elections) that Have influenced the peace process, historical attempt to mediate between the Israelis and Arabs, or an aspect of the conflict. Critique of Peace Puzzle Recommendations The capstone of this course will be a paper that will critique one/two of the recommendations of the authors of the Peace Puzzle. After reviewing evidence that apparently supports the recommendation, students will be expected to issue a critique of the recommendation on the grounds that the proposal is too simplistic, unrealistic, is unlikely to lead
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