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Political Science
Judith Teichman

POLC91October 4 2012 Lecture 4Spain the Conquest and Colonial rule in Latin America 2 basic founding civilizations in LAthe second was Spain medieval Spain711 was the beginning of the conquest of Spain by the MoresMuslim conquest of Iberia present day Spain and Portugal 732 the reconquest begins1252 all but Granada all but one country in Spain liberated kingdoms under Muslim rule all were liberated from this rule by 1252 but GranadaMores continued to practice their religion engages in land redistributioninitially things were fairly prosperous but as time went on life became less tolerable under Morish ruleland concentration religious toleration declined the people became less happy and there was a push to get the Mores out of this part of the world Ferdinand and Isabellawere secretly married in 1469 their marriage unified Spain and in 1492 mores were pushed out of Granada and F and I funded Columbus voyage to LA where he discovered the AmericasF and I were concerned with unifying Spain est order and concerned with the noble classbc as the Spanish pushed out the mores they would conquer and area and as a reward for the noble leading his army to victory would grant him a large plot of landthis lead to a very powerful noble classF and I became concerned about maintaining their power in opposition to the noble class Features of Medieval Spain that Impacted on LASpain developed a large warrior classmilitary values military values became very important they were the values of societytrue not only for the noble class but also for peasantry they were the ones recruited to fightlarge land holdings in the hands of the few resulted in 95 of the land was controlled by 13 of popnsome of the insts were transported into the Americasthere was a distain for manual labor there was a class of nobles who thought that they should not have to perform manual laborpoor noble class there was on the one hand a very powerful noble class but the brothers and nephews of that noble class who did not own land tracts of land and were very poorreligious fervor there was the growing commitment and high level of fervor with which the Spanish esp Isabell decided to enforce and pursue the restoration of the catholic faith1
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