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Lecture 07 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Norla Carloff

Lecture 06 The Supply of Financial Markets and the International Monetary System: Multilateral Cooperation & Key Currency U.S. Dollars crisis dropped since the financial crisis International investors are buying U.S. assets as they see it as viable still Dollar is on the rise again During economic times investors will flee the USD USD is still the number one asset to rely upon Global Currency Rivalry Centers areound the strengths and benefits of the Euro against the USD Benefits and costs of Key Currency System Sources of key currency status Future of the Dollar as key Systemic benefits and costs: o Can be used as medium of exchange o Unit of account o Store of value o Works as a function amongst various publicprivate actors o Check for key benefits across various functions o The USD has a medium of exchange o As a vehicle currency the USD is used to purchase goods and services and assets across the world o Rather than trading, banks find it beneficial to trade one currency against the USD
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