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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Political Science
Susan Solomon

October 26 , 2010 -emigration of Honk Kong provided scholars with lots of opportunities -Honk Kong had a tiny population when the British came but 4 years later there were already thousands of people -economic and social development has been very rapid -large number of Hong Kong students go over sees for an education -the exit and entry option was available in Canada and the U.S for this emigration -they are not locked in -they were ambivalent about leaving because despite the fact that they had a long ledia and they thought they had a lot of info about where they were going to go but there were some uncertainties like how would they live? -they still didnt have the full information -look at questions 36 and 37 -some argued that economic factors were a big factor and some argued political factors were more important -whats the relationship between economic and politi
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