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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Week 2. Globalization is…(Changing World?) Global Governance - Implies all kinds of actors might contribute to transnational and international orders, establishing forms of governance, even in absence of an effective world government - Offers a new theoretical lens through which to view international relations, it highlights the role of diverse social actors as well as states in securing patterns of rule at the transitional and global levels - Defined in terms of any activity that contributes to transnational and international patterns of rule, includes not only the actions of states and international institutions, but also the actions of non- governmental organizations - Seeks not only to prevent and limit war but also to manage the global commons, to promote development, and to regulate global financial markets - Globalization consists in the rise of transnational flows and transnational problems - Privatized governance includes business groups, NGOs, and arguably organized crime - Shifts in global governance reflect the turn to networks, joining-up, and public-private partnership - Global governance now includes numerous such attempts to coordinate diverse actors within markets and networks The Struggle for Primacy in a Global Society - Power Transition Theory: stresses that the distribution-of-power changes in countries will rise and fall - Hegemons: leading country in an international system - Multipolar: international system that includes several hegemons, dominant states, or great powers - Bipolar: international system that includes two hegemons, dominant states, or great powers - Unipolar: international system that has only one hegemon, dominant state, or great power - Power: ability to get others – individuals, groups, or nations to behave in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t - GNP: measures total market value of all goods and services produced by resources supplied by residents and businesses of a particular country, regardles
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