PSYA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Detection Theory, Subliminal Stimuli, Absolute Threshold

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16 Nov 2016

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Lecture 12: Perception and Sensation
Weber Flashback
- Just noticeable differences
- People were more interested in
- Difference vs. Absolute Thresholds
o Thresholds is an architectural term
o As you pass through a threshold you suddenly exist
o How much stimulus does something need for us to notice it
Absolute threshold
The threshold between knowing something exists and
not knowing
Subliminal perception
Subliminal self help in the 80s
o You would hear nice sounds but under the
sounds there were messages being transmitted
to the subconscious mind
Can the brain detect information the conscious mind is
not aware of
Signal detection theory
o You would see trials
o On every trial a stimulus would be present or not
o You are asked to say whether or not it was
o Why would people say yes to no stimulus
You would set it up to be very difficult
where they aren’t really sure so they feel
like theyre guessing
Saying no when nothing is
presented: Correct rejection
Saying yes when a stimulus is
there: Hit
Saying No when there is a
stimulus: A miss
Saying yes when there is no
stimulus: False alarm
o How well people can detect a stimulus
o Bias
How comfortable you are with
making errors
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