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8 Feb 2011
Chapter 11 Intelligence January 21
What is Intelligence?
Stephen Harper
Bill Gates
Albert Einstein
All these people are successful in their respective fields, they are intelligent, but they
have different mental abilities
Is Intelligence a Single Thing?
We often say that a person is intelligent or not.
Athletic capability could be considered in this sense, if an athlete is good at one sport, are
they necessarily good at another?
For example, tennis and hockey uses hand eye coordination
We cannot conclude that if an athlete is good at one sport, they are good at all sports; this
applies similarly to intelligence and mental abilities
Autistic Savant Syndrome
Savant syndrome refers to cases where an individual with an IQ that is well below
average has an exceptional, amazing talent in a particular area
The exception talent is typically in one of these areas:
Calendar calculation
Amazing feats of memory
Great musical ability despite the lack of formal training
Mastery of several languages
Partitioning Intelligence
Spearman was one of the first psychologists to theorize about human intelligence
Spearman found a strong correlation from test of various abilities given to people (i.e. test
on vocabulary and world knowledge)
One intelligible ability is called the G factor refers to general intellectual ability
He found out that the correlation between test scores was not perfect; some people did
better on one test than another
He concluded there were S factors, referring to specific intellectual tasks
Identifying Factors via Factor Analysis
Factor analysis help study the underlying structure of intelligence
WAIS subtests analysis shows that subtests form can be grouped together into categories
that describe intelligence
For example, verbal ability consists of information, comprehension, similarities and
vocabulary; short-term memory ability consisting of digit span; and spatial ability
consisting of picture completion, block design and object assembly
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