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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 16
Are animals more aggressive than humans?
-animal in the same species usually do not kill each other
-human is a unique species that they kill each other
-animals that are naturally equipped with method of quick killing in another member of species
do not kill members of the same species
-evolution is adaptive and inhibits killing of members in the species
-possible reason is to maintain the survival rate in the species
-animals, like wolf and lion appear to be engaged in furious fight, but they do not actually kill
each other
1) Virtualization of aggression
-aggression takes place but is controlled well
-quarrel serves as an outlet of aggression
-animals seem aggressive, but maintain in control
2) Pleasant Gesture
-wolf exposes vulnerable body spot in a fight to show sign of giving up
-winning wolf will stop aggression and leave the wolf alone
-bird cannot control aggression
-peck each other, no inhibition of aggression because their aggressive behaviour cannot kill each
other, like the ones in wolf
-humans aggression is not inhibited
-too clever for our own good
-become sophisticated and invent gunpowder
-method to kill each other with technology
-technology came to us faster than the point evolution can take place
-engage in uncontrollable aggression
Brain and aggression
-implant electrode in area, like thalamus and medulla to get animal to be aggressive
-large tumour that exerts pressure on hypothalamus and medulla causes aggression
-Spanish scientist, name De Gada studied aggression in bull
-implant electrode in brain that can control aggression using remote control
-same test is performed on cat
-when the electric stimulation is on, animal show attacking behaviour
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