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1 Mar 2011
Saad Imran Page 1
Lecture 5
Chapter 10
x Characterized by three general impairments:
o Deviant social development
o Delayed and unusual language development
o Repetitive and ritualistic behaviour
x Often difficult to diagnose
x 1/160 children have autism, theory that vaccination caused autism (measles). One study
reported connection between vaccination and autism. The doctor that did this got sued for
fraud. Dr. Whitfield, he received money from lawyers that were suing the vaccination
x No physical test for autism, diagnosis is clynical.
o Doctor checks for symptoms:
o E}}v}]v]}vU}v[vPP}}v]vP
o Language development delayed, and unusual
o Child prefer his/her time and space to spend with familiar toy, rituals with toys
o Repetitive and ritualistic behaviour
o Overflow behaviour, handflapping, walking on tip toes
x These symptoms variable, thats why its hard to pinpoint on child autism
x This is a life-long thing, therapies to treat it, start early, $$$ expensive
x ABA therapies, Applied Behaviour Analysis
o Analyze the child for into the classroom
o Design the class so that they minimize autistic behavious
x IBI, Intensive Behavioural Intervention $$
o Trained therapist spends a lot of time with child.
o Get child to empathise etc.
x Video:
x Noone knows what causes Autism, some say link to gene
x Children with autism have few things they like to do, their play becomes repetitive
x Have difficulties with the way they experience various different experiences
x Difficulties with imaginative play
Aspergers Syndrome
x IQ affected in autism, aspergers kids can be very bright
x Poor social skills
x Preoccupation with a particular subject of interest
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