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Lecture 5

PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Object Permanence

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Dwayne Pare

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PSYA02 – Lecture 5 – Cognitive Development
Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development:
Piaget conducted loosely structured interviews instead of formal experiments,
in which he posed problems for children to solve, observed their actins
carefully and questioned them about their solutions
Interested in children’s error, which would provide insights into children’s
though processes
Assumed that a child is an active seeker of knowledge and gains an
understanding of the world by operating on it
Organized units of knowledge about objects, events and actions
Cognitive adaptation
Involves two processes:
oAssimilation – interpretation of new experiences in terms of present
oAccommodation – modification of present schemes to fit with new
oFor example, a child may call all four-legged creatures “doggie”
The child learn he needs to accommodate his schemes, as
only one type of four-legged creature is “dog”
It’s through accommodation that the number and complexity of
a child’s schemes increase and earning occurs
Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development:
Sensorimotor Birth ~ 2 yrs. old
oCognition at this stage is related to external stimulation and
understanding characteristics of objects (object permanence – the
idea that an object is permanently inexistence whether you see it or
Preoperational 2 ~ 7 yrs. old
oThe child begins learning how to think logically and how to use
symbols especially language
oChild stills has an egocentric bias (see things through their own eyes,
not seeing other people’s perspectives)
oClassic example: learning the notion of conservation
oE.g. When children cover their eyes, they think they are invisible
Concrete operational 7 ~ 12 yrs. old
oIncreased ability to perform logical operations (when concrete) and
emergence of empathy
Formal operational 12 + yrs. old
oChildren begin to learn how to perform abstract logical operations
Jean Piaget:
The notions of maturation and the stage like prerequisites nature of cognitive
The importance of operations, schematas and the processes of assimilation
vs. accommodation
Theory of Mind:
If you were ask a child to come into your lab, you have a bag of M & M,
Makayla come over here, you hand her the bag of M & M, she takes it and
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