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Social Psychology-Prejudice (Lectures 6&7)

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John Bassili

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Chapter 15: Social Psychology
Mar. 14/2011
Prejudice: Negative attitude towards a distinguishable group
-Discrimination: harmful negative behaviour towards members of a group
Stereotypes: beliefs about members of a group
oStereotypes change over time
oAccuracy: assume that stereotypes are inaccurate
Some characteristics about stereotypes relate to known research in
terms of groups of people and show some accuracy
Seen as unacceptable to accept stereotypes
There are many misconceptions about minoritiessuperiority of some
groups over another
Causes of Prejudice
oLearning from prejudiced models (ex: in society)
oCompetition for scarce resources (occurs in tough economic times,
unemploymentblame it on immigrants, competition breeds hostility)
oUsing vulnerable groups as scapegoats
When in a state of frustration, you want to aggress
Ex: boss is bossyemployee is frustrated, but cannot retaliate against
the boss, so look for a scapegoat (weaker alternative)
oPersonality (Authoritarian Personality; Social Dominance)
Personality type that is shown in those who prejudice others (ex:
Based on psycho-dynamic, Freudian concepts children raised by
authoritarian parents
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