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Lecture 1

PSYB65H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Edwin Smith Papyrus, Connectionism, Cerebral Cortex

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Zachariah Campbell

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- Introspection studying by using yourself
o Done via structuralism
o Has soe liits, for eaple eor either ou reeer or ou do’t, o a to see
how it works introspectively)
- Behaviorism
o Psychology is the science of behaviour
o Seen as the dark ages, rejetig the studig of the id as’t a very good thing
o The mind is unobservable and thus should not be a target of scientific inquiry
o Value of associative learning, conditioning
o Trouble explaining
False memories
How children learn language
Athig that ou are’t taught through oditioig
- Cognitivism
o The cognitive revolution rejected that only behaviour should be subject to study
o Came together with the invention of the computer
o Developing complex models of cognition
Series parallel processing
Parallel distributed processing
The mind can take multiple steps at the same time
A B and C can happen at the same time
Helped improve computers as well, optimizing computers for
researching the brain
o Things learned
Mental capabilities are liited a’t pa attetio to eerthig
Metal atios do’t happe i a ule
There’s ariailit good at reeerig faes or ae eories
o Some things learned
Usage and Utility
Within subject and between subjects
Cognitive abilities often change, for better or for worse, with
development and or dysfunction
Most cognitive abilities are malleable, at least to some degree
- Edwin Smith Papyrus
o Earliest document on how to treat trauma
o 48 cases, some brain related
o Started talking about localization of function
Mentioned losing language due to blows to the head
- Tracking down the seat of the mind
o Ancient Egypt
Thought the mind was in the heart
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Because a problem with the heart also went with a problem in the mind
o Later it was made clear that blows to the head affected the mind
o Descartes
Rationalism figuring out how things work through just contemplation
Pineal gland, only one, thought the mind and the brain communicated through
- How is the brain organized?
o The neuron doctrine
Rejection of Golgi’s syncytium proposal
Role of the synapse
o Layer of the cerebral cortex
Brain is formed from the inside out (cortex last)
Cortex has 6 laayers
Dysfunction in the way these neurons are set up lead to things like
Can be caused by alcohol consumption by pregnant mothers
Starts forming at 3 weeks
- How is the brain organized
o Aggregate field theory
No specialization
Happened because mice had parts of their brains destroyed and could still
complete mazes
o Localization of function
o Phrenology
The study of bumps on the skull
Biologiall ipossile, ou’d die
o Histologically defined regions
Broda’s ap
How the neuron’s lie up i the 6 laers of the rai
Made based on histology
Separated areas based on clusters of neurons that lined up identically
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