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psyc12 lecture 1 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

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PSYC12- Psychology of Prejudice LECTURE ONE
Jan. 13/2011
Class Information:
Office hours: Mondays 1-2pm SY 168
TA: Jennifer Gutsell
Office hours: SY 162 by appt only
Course Material:
Course reader: 5 articles and chapters that can be found online on blackboard
Textbook: it is extra detailed and long. If theres a case study thats being
discussed for a page or even a paragraph or two you should know it details
and all but if there are 5 studies being mentioned in like one paragraph then
you dont have to know details just get the main idea of the point of these
Midterm: 40%
Final: 60%
Bonus participation in class or a paper: (2%)
Bonus paper is a reaction paper to an article due at the last day of
Midterm and finals based on both lecture and textbook (50-50).
There is some overlap in material but some of it is completely
different. Its m/c questions
Khmer Rouge, Cambodia
In 1970s-1980s, an ideological leader came into power with a party known as
the Khmer Rouge. They discriminated against other Cambodians based on
their beliefs and other characteristics
If they were educated, urban, were a certain class, wore glasses
they were a target of discrimination and extermination
There were mass killings of Cambodians based on ideological beliefs. So it
was either you believe what I believe or you arent deserving of my respect
and arent equal to me as a human being.
Rwandan Genocide:
Occurred in the early 90s
In only 100 days about a million people died

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