PSYC18H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cognitive Psychology, Homeostasis

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6 Apr 2012
PSYC18 - Lecture 11
Slide 4
Psychodynamic: particular relationships (you forgot birthday, to call).
Particular stimulus is invoking a role (a prescription) that you had to
do and you may lose a person’s love.
Unresolved relationships.
Anxiety and guilt are part of life. Accept it rather than letting it
paralyze you.
When put ontologically it changes the nature of it so it doesn't
paralyze us.
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As a consequence to anxiety or guilt you can be wrapped up in a
subject matter (sexual guilt).
Guilt related to norms of their culture, which are arbitrary.
Instead of being defensive, feeling guilty is a type of defense.
You can feel guilty and the next time you can feel guilty. Guilt is a nice
Guilt can be a lifestyle (feeling sorry for yourself so you care for
yourself and might expect others like society to do it for you).
Find the meaning in the situation and address it.
Face the situation your in.
Transcend it (rise above it) by understanding the world has meaningful
Slide 6
Psychodynamic deals with subject matter.
Phenomenology is concerned with experience. The structure of our
Existentenology (?) deals with existence.
Time didn't change because society didn't change in the medieval
There’s time and space. Space closes in. Time and space are temporal
and spatial plasticity.
Slide 7
Feeling time, space.
Depression: time is so slow the person can’t engage in activities.
Anxiety can go slowly or quickly.
o Time slows because you want the exam to quickly come.
o In anxiety the thing isn’t coming.
o Waiting for acceptance.
o You’re feeling the space between.
o It speeds up too.
o Depends on the situation.
Slide 11
Causality is plastic.
Plasticity of time, space, cause and effect.
Slide 12
Qualities of material.
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