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Lecture 1

PSYC36H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Family Therapy, Personal Development, Interpersonal Relationship

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Amanda Uliaszek

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Lecture 1
Went over syllabus
Focus on
o Who
Who does therapy?
o Why
Why do therapy?
o What
What is therapy?
o How?
How does therapy work?
Who does this stuff anyway?
o Psychiatrists
o Clinical psychologists
Most other types of psychologists do not do therapy
i.e. social and cognitive
o Social workers
o Counseling psychologists
o Marriage and family therapists
o School counsellors
o Psychiatric nurses
o PsyDs
Clinical, not research
Contribute to science
o Clergy
Why do we need it?
o Why is psychotherapy important today?
o Who benefits from psychotherapy?
What is psychotherapy?
o We watched a video from the Sopranos
Definition of psychotherapy
o An intentional one-sided interpersonal relationship to aid in problems in living
Therapist should not get anything out of it
Except for money or hours
Different from just giving someone advice
o A psychological treatment with the goal of relieving emotional or cognitive
symptoms, changing behaviour, improving social and vocational functioning,
and/or personal growth
Crying, mania
Memory problems
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