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20 Apr 2012
PSYC37H3 Lecture 3
Ethical Considerations and Test Administration
Ethical Issues in Assessment
o choose appropriate instruments: test worthiness
o competence: Level A/B/C
o Confidentiality: When to break
Cross-cultural sensitivity > minimize cultural bias
Cross Cultural Issues
civil rights movements of 1960s initiated change
IQ could not be used to track performance as minorities were being put into
special cases and these tests did not accurate assess their intelligence
Griggs V. Duke Power*
Ontario Personal Information Protection Act [PHIPA]
o what is applies to?
o up to max > $10 000 fine
In the process of making decision regarding their professional
Expectancy Effects
Rosenthal Effects [Halo effect]
expectancies change > the way people act/response
tendency for results to conform to experiment expectation unless stringent
safeguards are taken
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