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Steve Joordens

One rock group accused of encouraging suicide by including command do it recorded backwardBegg Needham Bookbinderexamined this by playing backwards or forwards message and tested whether people could recognize message played backward and whether they agreed with message played in forward direction found that hearing backward message helped you recognize same message played backward againbut meaning was lost subliminal perceptionperception of stimulus as indicated by a change in behaviour at an intensity sufficient to produce a conscious sensation person denies detecting stimulus yet stimulus has measurable effect on behavioureffects are subtle and special procedures required to demonstrate themCheesman and Meriklelooked at effect of presenting word just before students were asked idenity colour of brief flash of lightif word and colour name were different then it took longer to identiy colourincongruent priming indicate that perception is complex processinvolves sense receptors and physiological processMericklesome tapes contain messages that are too weak for human ear to detect under any conditions and some when subjected to specrtographic analysis detects voiceprints contained none at allPratkanistapes for memory or selfesteemparticipants didnt know which was which and mixed them upVisionLightlight consists of radiant energy similar to radio wavesoscillates as it is transmitted from sourcewavelengthdistance between adjacent waves of radiant energy in vision most clearly associated with perceptual dimension of hue wavelegnth for visible light ranges from 380760 nanometres 380violet 760redentire range of wavelength is called electromagnetic spectrum and part our eyes can detect is visible spectrumThe Eye and Its Functioncorneatransparent tissue covering front of eye admits light scleratough white membrane that is outer layer of eye irispigmented muscle of eye that controls size of pupilcontains two bands of musclebrain controls these muscles and regulates size of pupil aqueous humour space behin cornea is filled with watery fluid constantly produced by tissue behin cornea that filters fluid from bloodnourishes cornea and other portions of eye in place of blood vesselsmust circulateif produced too quickly or if passage that returns it to blood becomes blocked pressure within eye can increase and cause damage to vision glaucoma
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