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Lecture 3

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 1September 14 2012PSYA01 Lecture 3 Notes Herman von Helmholtz 18211894 measured speed of neural impulses through nerve tissueshow fast do these impulses travel H suggested that the length of the nerves on an avghuman being from one hand to the spine to the brain back to the spineto the other armshould be measured calculated the speed of the human neuron ex measuring time of hand squeeze our wiring sends info really slow in terms of speed when compared to our TVscomputerswhich is impressive seeing that we can do things that no machine can do in a general senseErnst Weber 17951878 called himself a psychophysicist conducted experiments with people where hed blindfold them and place weights on their hands and ask which one was heavier although at times they might be the same the ratio of weights remained constant 101 505 10010he also did the same thing with lights which one is brighter and once again realized thatwhen theres a certain ratio people are able to tell which light is brighter helped people understand that maybe things that happen in our minds can possibly be studiedand maybe mathematics could be applied to it Wilhelm Wundt 18321920 was the first to refer to himself as a psychologist started off analyzing neural tissuesimpulses like H but then became interested in our internal worldconscious experiences like W often used the technique of introspectionbegan teaching his students how to look into their minds as he wanted to know what the structure of their conscious experience waspeople began to question the notion of introspection as they werent sure if it was a real science as it did not have an objective approach towards measuring behavior and heavily relied upon the subject the concept of censorship made this questionablea biaslargely associated to the concept of structuralism first school of psychology and focused onbreaking down mental processes into the most basic components Darwin 18091882 brought in theory of evolution which had a significant effect on psychology just
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