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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Chapter 2September 19 2012PSYA01 Lecture 5 Notes you always want to start a psychologicalscientific process with a theory where they come up with an explanation for the data based on what theyve seen good theories lead to hypotheses predictions that can be empirically tested in a way thatmight prove them to be incorrectex evolution is a good theory as it can be testedwhat kind of data could someone show you to falsify that creationism does not occur the idea that good theories may lead to predictions which may ultimately falsify them is aprized notion in the scientific world Freud believes we live in a world with 2 parts our idwhich does things that are super ego would not be happy about and our superegowhich is the ultimate version of us the best we can be ex trying to impress your future inlawsour ego plays the position of referee and tries to give us the best of both worlds many scientists find theories by starting with observational studies these can often be valuable but also can have pros and co
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