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notes on lec 22

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Steve Joordens

LECTURE 22: PERCEPTION (CHAPTER 7) According to a group of German Psychologists called Gestalt Psychologists, the primary purpose of the visual system is the recognition of objects from basic visual elements. - They said what we perceive is much more than what is out there. These laws help us interpret the world and understand things better than how they are seen. The objects are seen as more than a sum of the parts, and the critical problem facing the visual system is how to group the elements to form objects. Several principles, or laws, are used by the visual system to do this grouping Perception: how is the world according to you Local doesnt interfere with the global - Global interferes substantially with local decisions, but there is much less interference of local on global decisions -When elements are arranged in groups that define an object, we tend to see the object and not the elements. Photographers focus on details and less on objects. Such as the co
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