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Steve Joordens

Chapter 7 Lecture 2629 Slide 2 both our genes and the environment affect our behavior But how How can we use these principles of nature vs nurture to explain the behavior Slide 3 When we were born we had some hardwired behavior like infants know immediately to suck on a nipple when feeding the first time or dodging reflex when something flies at you unconditioned automatic you didnt learn UCS a stimuli that is automatic like food entering your stomach UCR a response to the UCS like digestive process to the food entering Slide 4 Habituation ex a dog seeing a mirror reflection they bark at it at first but eventually they ignore it They realize that it doesnt smell or feel like a dog and it doesnt have any effect on the dog so they feel indifferent to itHabituation breaking the link between UCS and UCRThe role of the UCS and UCR only work when they are together Think of it this way if there is no response you wouldnt consider something a stimulusSlide 5 Pavlolv was a physiologist studying digestive systems He studied on dogs by measuring their saliva because it is a good way to sense how much the digestive process worksSlide 6 At first the dog wouldnt get hungry looking at a bell Slide 7 When you give food it obviously starts droolingSlide 8 Then we start ringing the bell when serving food over and over every timeSlide 9 Eventually the dog will drool even when no food is served because the bell is rung However the dog drools less because there is no direct link to the present of food The bell is a conditioned stimulus CS because the dog learned to respond to it The drooling of the dog to the bell is conditioned because it is in context to a stimulus we created for it to learnSlide 10 We are building upon preexisting situation to create a conditioned responseYou have to follow the UCS immediately after CS every time If not the resulting learning will not be as effective For the dog example if you dont feed it regularly after each ring then the drooling will not be as strong However after a long absence of the CS if you start using the CS again after the UCS then you get an immediate recovery of the responseSlide 11 Thorndike explained a part of a bigger picture which is linked to classical conditioning He puts his cat in a 3d maze and let it figure out a way to navigate out of it When placing the same cat in the
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