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Steve Joordens

September 17, 2012 Psychology A01: Lecture 2.1: Finding Answers Begins by Finding Questions  Theories & hypotheses:  Begins with a theory – somebody’s explanation meant to explain things they have seen  “Good” theories lead to hypotheses – predictions that can be empirically teste in a way that might prove them to be incorrect (i.e. falsifiable)  Freud’s theories of human behaviour, and religious theories of existence are often criticized for being unfalsifiable and therefore impossible to test.  Freud says our mind has: o “it” has desires that need to be satisfied, clashes with social culture. o Has “the super ego”, the image you have in your mind of the best version of you o Has “the ego” considers what the “it” what it wants, without offending the super ego.  Where does one find these theories?  Observational study – Jane Goodall – lived with chimps.  Her goal – to see natural chimp behaviour  Pros and cons of Naturalistic Observation: o The chimps could kill her – they can induce a lot of pain o The area, without security, lived on her own o Her presence changes the situation – the chimps wouldn’t behave normally o She would behave like them – roll around in crap (smell) , act like a chimp, be submissive (not a threat), eat what they ate. o She was able to get to pro-social behaviour – grooming one another- they accepted her as one of their own. o She found the way they lo
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