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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Lecture #2 Slide 3  for many years, humans thought of themselves as spirits in a material world, things of God and a spiritual world  we have a soul, we are something different  figured what laws are and predicted future  you cannot apply God to science; science is not anti-religion, just finds religion ideas useless  if we are spiritual entities, if all our behaviour is governed by spiritual forces and none natural laws, then our behaviour is not subject to scientific experimentation  humans are different and therefore while we studied the whole world around us, we did not study ourselves Slide 4  falling rocks: o four elements: earth, air, water, fire; if earth stick in the air, doesn't like hanging with the air, wants to hang down there; air goes up to hang with air; implying rock has desires, goals, objectives, called animism  send female virgins into volcanoes, makes them happy and they stop sending thunderstorms to us  magicians: o if somebody actually takes the time to show people how to do their tricks, people did not like them o why? > if you see an illusionist do a trick and you understand what they're doing, it's no longer magic; it still might be cool, you still might respect how quick they are with their hands, you still might appreciate how well they distract people's attention and how they distract the attention and you can see the skill and talent, but you no longer see the magic; the magic is born of not understanding, that's what creates that feeling o critical point is how much of our giving ourselves a soul is really a reflection of us not understanding the complexity that goes into our behaviour?; if we understood, then we would be less willing to call it a soul Slide 5  IBM first created something that could play chess; created computer system called watson that knew facts about the world and put it on Jeopardy  we can search information and get all sorts of information really quickly and easily; that's just algorithms, that's just information stored in memory, that's not intelligence; is this really the case once we understand? do they just have a bunch of information stored? Slide 6  Rene Descartes: o ultimately proving themselves to be extremely intelligent and influential people; hard time as young people, suffered a lot of nervous breakdowns; not be able to function in the real world for a period of time, doctor suggested he spend some time in Paris and wonder around various parks and enjoy nature to get away from work o in his day, statues did not move, stayed in one place; hydraulics; step on pressure plate and weight push down water and causing statues to move; seemed human and intentional o possible f
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