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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Jan 23, 2013 The Development of Thought At some point, babies realise they can manipulate the environment  This is important because bringing our thoughts into action depends on a responsive environment Jean Piaget  Published his first paper at age 10 (about sparrows)  Worked on scoring IQ test o While working on this, he realised that children did not do as well as adults and they tended to make the same mistakes o This led to the thought that children viewed the world differently than adults. The notions of maturation, and the stage like (think prerequisites) nature of cognitive maturation. The importance of operations, schematas, and the processes of assimilation (child fits objects into new categories, based on categorical evidence) versus accommodation (have to make a new category for an object). Piaget’s categories The Senorimotor Period – Cognition at this stage is closely tied to external stimulation, and understanding characteristics of objects … classic example is object permanence. PSYA02 Jan 23, 2013 (once things are out of sight = they’re gone forever. Does not realise that mother has not disappeared during a game of peekaboo.) The Preoperational Period – Here the child begins learning how to think logically and how to use symbols … especially language. Child stills has an egocentric bias … classic example is learning the notion of conservation. (Girl has one cookie, brother has two. Girl
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