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Psychology - Session 16

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Steve Joordens

● mental illness ○ not new ○ society changes reactions to mental illnesses ○ ex. witch doctors were probably schizophrenic ■ seen as special for speaking to spirits, attached to spiritual world ■ later on were burned at the stakes by Christians ● science has made way into pockets of clinical ● practitioner with scientific discipline ● society didn’t know what to do with the mentally ill ○ still do not know what to do, difficult to do ● back in the day, crazy people were put in one place ○ asylum ● crazies treated humanely acted less crazy ○ people started to realize that this was an illness ● abnormal ○ weird concept ○ deviates from averages ○ not the interest in mental illness psychology ● maladaptive behaviour ○ causing problems for selves and others ○ interests of clinical psychologists ● distinction between abnormal and maladaptive behaviour ● psychodynamic ○ psychic conflicts overpower defence mechanism to deal with in healthy ways ○ distorts perceptions of reality ○ function in ways reflective of early development stage ○ Freud ● medical perspective ○ some due to biological conditions ■ some can and cannot be dealt with ○ just like a physical disorder ■ mental disorder ○ doesn’t work as well as it sounds as though it should ■ chemical imbalances reflected in mental disorders ● drugs counter ■ genetic links ● genetic markers ● maladaptive behaviours learned ○ can be unlearned ○ therapist considers reinforcements ■ manner in which patient thinks about things, rethinks ● adaptive approach ● humanist perspective ○ helping a client get to their full potential in life ■ where you are to where you want to be ○ e
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