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PSYA02 Attraction We are a strange species… How do we find that “person”? - Humans (and most primates) are more K than R in terms of procreation…maybe too K - For enough children to be born mothers need help raising them…fatherly commitment - Typical mating strategies are not conducive to the formation of long-term pair bonds… too “one hour stand” like - Unless not all males were attracted to all females (and vice versa)…unless we came to be attracted to very specific sexual-social cues - Unless we learned to love - Lucy is the example saying that a human biologist claims that Lucy became upright because she need to care for two children, but she loses a lot more benefits such as hunting and running, therefore the male would have to change… a precursor to love… Types of Attraction Sexual Attraction – a feeling that sexual people get that causes them to desire sexual contact with a specific other person Romantic Attraction – a feeling that causes people to desire a romantic relationship with a specific other person Crushes – a romantic attraction to someone, a desire for a romantic relationship of some kind, a desire that is possibly temporary in nature, possibly never to be acted upon Squishes – an aromantic crush, a desire for a strong platonic relationship with someone Sensual Attraction – a desire to do sensual (but not sexual) things with certain people, especially relating to tactile sensuality such as cuddling Aesthetic Attraction – an attraction to other people that is not connected to a desire to do anything with them, either sexually or romantically…they simply appreciate their appearance Research - Beautiful people are average people Beauty vs Healthiness - There is a hip-to-waist ratio for women - Apparently when the ratio is 0.7, then males find that the most attractive - For males it could be shoulders to waist - Some of our desires may have an evolutionary background
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