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Lecture 12

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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 The self and the role of context Our personalities are “us” - What we think of - What others think of us The interplay between this Measuring Self-Awareness = knowing who you are How do you know when a child becomes aware of its own existence? Boring from work in the animal literature, the Rouge Test suggests that most human infants recognize their reflection as themselves at about a year and a half The Looking Glass Self - As we grow up, we are always trying to find ourselves as well as revising ourselves - It’s hard to look at ourselves directly - We get more from how people see us - We can be good, evil, neutral, anything A more direct reflection - The moral self also develops… - Sometimes as reflected in the reactions of others… - Sometimes more directly reflected An experiment was found in which children were taking candy with a mirror and without a mirror - Without the mirror, they acted like their own selves - Shows that if you see yourself, you don’t do it The Relevance of Context Perhaps THE mos
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