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Lecture 9

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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Sex and Aggression Androgens, and testosterone in specific, have both organizational effects and activational effects for males - For men, testosterone decreases with age (boo!) resulting in decreased interest in sex, irritability & depression - Giving men testosterone increases sexual interest and ability (and aggression) … though placebos do so too, somewhat - Affects sexual motivation, but not orientation … homosexual men given testosterone will want more homosexual sex Strangely enough, homosexuality was thought to be a mental illness, and the “solution” was to give them more testosterone… it just made them want men more… - Suggests that homosexuality is complex - Also suggests (from a psychological view) that we don’t control who we are attracted to… For non-human primates, females only initiate sex activity around ovation, when estradiol and progesterone are high - For humans (and dolphins actually) this is not the case…but there still seems to be a link between hormonal levels and sexual desire - Studies of married couples (the placebo or medicine “seems” to work on married women) - Weird “exotic dancer” study (under ovulation, the “exotic dancer” does better) (could be
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