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Lecture 4

Lecture 4-Intelligence in a Plural Verb.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Caroline Barakat

Lecture 4 Intelligence in a Plural VerbWhat is intelligenceIntelligence is assessed based on our ability to learn materialabsorb information study Our willingness to study There are different interpretations and definitions of intelligence Leonardo davinci Einsteinetc are all perceived as intelligent The best way to test intelligence to perform a speed test Is Intelligence a Single thingWe often use the term intelligence as if we are talking about a single characteristic that a person possesses Hence we usually describe people to be intelligent or not Athletic capability can be used as another form of intelligence Michael Jordan can play basketball very well but not baseball o We could ask someone to perform a number of tasks and based on their performance come up with a measure of athletic abilityo There are certain generalizable skills that enable a person to be able to excel in various tasks having a strong level of cardiovascular endurance enables people to excel at sportsSo is there one intelligence or severalSpearman was one of the first psychologists to theorize about human intelligenceG factorgeneral intelligencehe thought that was the basic factor that he thought was underlying all cognitive behaviours S factor s for specific contributed to a subjects performa
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