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Chapter 15 Lecture 5 - lecture 23- class notes and lecture notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

Lecture 23 o Crowd Behavior o Lynchings o During the period bw 1890= 1930, over 4000 people in the south of the U.S. were murdered by mob action without a lawful trial. 80% of these cases involved Black Americans o What contributes to excesses of crown behavior? Often seen as entertainment When people experience aggression, when they dont get what they want Generalized state of frustration o Murder by a crown of a person without a lawful trial o Mob grabs and kills them- can be extreme o Mob aggression you can capture the mood of the crowd by looking at the frustration o Frustration Primes Aggression o Gustave LeBon on The Crown o In 1895, a French Physician by the name of Gustave LeBon wrote a book on crowd behavior o He argues that, when in a crowd, people descend several rungs of the ladder of civilization o When individuals are isolated, they are rational and sensible. When they are part of a crowd, they become primitive o A number of factors contribute to crowd behavior accor
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