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Lecture 7

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psych Lecture 7 why do we like other people proximity distance or lack there of more you see somebody better chance youll have a relationship with thempropinquity the more we seeinteract with another person more likely we are to like them occurs through process of familiaritymere exposure effect the more exposure you get to a neutral object the more youll like it only if the object is not something you dont like MIT dorm study seeing who would become friends with each other everyone living there is couples one person student and other person their spouse found the main factor was the location of your apartment for who you became friends with next door neighbours propinquity effect could be bc that we like things familiar to us things we know wellresearch supports that similarity supports liking more then complimentary opposites attract idea we like people who are like us bc it validates ustarts like dominancesubmissiveness opposites attract idea works better there rather then both people being dominant reciprocal liking imagine that both people like each other but you dont want to reveal that unless you know its going to be reciprocatedwe like people better if they like us were good at picking up on subtle cues of liking in a social interaction eye contact composite combos of diff average faces f
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