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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 Lec 6 Emotions and MoralityEmotion o Kind of a funny topic in terms of it being classified as social psychology bc b4 ppl used to think that cognition was a very rational logical process now we know cognition is strongly influenced by emotion and emotion is a form of decisionmaking cognition o Nowadays a lot of cog Psychologists are studying itMorality o About decisionmaking in emotionally charged contextsEmotion o What is an emotionBrief physiological and psychological response to an eventstimulus that is felt subjectively you experience the emotion in your mind you are aware of it cant have implicit emotion whereas you can have implicit attitude and prepares a person for action all emotions have action tendenciesarousedHas to be brief arise and fall quickly needs to have stimulus and if person doesnt think about it anymore then emotion dies win about 4 min6 basic maybe universalemotions and we have complex emotionscombination of basic emotions predominant theory of emotion but not ubiquitously acceptedArgued that these 6 basic emotions are the fundamental building blocks of everything that we experience as emotion everything else is a comboComplex emotions blends of basic emotions can put together fearsadnessdreado Positive emotionspositively valenced emotionshappiness is a basic emotion thats positive gratitude contentment amusement and loveGratitudeexpress appreciation to someone else among the most commonly studied positive emotion bc has such a profound impact on social relationships improves everyday wellbeing social relationshipsContentmentsatisfaction w what you have in life overall life satisfactionlive better lifeAmusementlaughter we like humor can diffuse almost any situation we connect to other ppl and rise above bad situationsDesirecan be about any old object approach motivated emotionsact towards it Lustsexual desire physiological patterns Love contested some ppl argue that love isnt really an emotion bc it lasts a long time you dont need the stimulus to love someone there isnt a rise and fall as seen in emotions o Some say love is an emotion every time you think of someone you love that IS the stimulus that elicits the emotion such a strong emotion and it is steady o Selfconscious emotionsselfreferentialComplex emotions elicited by the self your own status actions something that refers to youPridein something that you didclose others with whom you have a close relationship w their success veShamespecifically where you wish you hadnt done that thing prototypical emotional displays where ppl tend to drop their eyeshead has to do w I am shameful of thoughtsactions dont need another person involved veGuiltsomething that you did that you wish you hadnt done but compared to shame it is more OTHER focused always another person involved veEmbarrassmentsometimes its positive negative depends on context FearAnger SadnessHappinessDisgustSurpriseEmotion is NOT Moods general state that has affective emotional components to it doesnt count as an emotion for 2 reasons o Moods tend to last a long time at least an hour emotion has to rise and fall win 4 minutes you may rehearse the emotion over and over bc you keep thinking about the event that caused that emotion and that may carry on for more than 4 minutes but then hear the thought is considered to be the new stimulus that causes the emotiono sometimes w mood you dont know why lasts a long time lack of a stimulus means that it isnt an emotion in the strict psychological sense o are diffuse dont need to have an eliciting cause no stimulus
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