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Lec 3- psyb10 The self You are not like other people, you have distincts and you are different from the environment. Rouge test: when you look in the mirror, do you see yourself. When your self aware you see yourself In the mirror, if you don’t see yourself in the mirror you are not self aware. The test: put mark on a kids face, if they look in the mirror and point to the mirror= not self aware. If they point to the mark on themselves-self aware. More animals have a sense of self as well. Problems with test: some people argue that it may not represent self awareness it’s just noticing yourself in a mirror. Maybe we’re inferring a little too much from it. Minimal self: double stimulation. If we touch ourself on our arm, we feel it on our hand and on our arm. So because of that you recognize yourself. Something that is a disctinct object from the rest of the environment. Objectified self: you are separate and can reflect what’s going on with yourself. You can think about yourself. Symbolic self: form an abstract representation of ones self thru language. Inherently social: Without the presence of others there’s no need for self. We think about ourselves in relation to other people. There’s always a reciprocal process between self and environment. Self is a concept. Its something you think about. The concept is everything you know about yourself. Self schema: schema you have about yourself. Complexity: if the 20 measurements don’t relate, you more complex. Implicit personality test: descriptions time it takes you to respond if it’s “me” or “not me” Took them longer to respo
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