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CHAPTER 6 Self Concept Identity and Motivation Eriksonprovided a framework for understanding childrens psychosocial developmentbelieved that development is a lifelong processbelieved children continually face new developmental tasks or issues they must somehow resolve as they mature o prositive and negative outcome for each stage 2 important stages for Eriksons stages of psychosocial developmentIndustry vs Inferiority 612years o Children must develop a capacity to work with others as they enter school master academic skills and feel pride in their successes Caregivers must help them find their special competenciesIdentity vs Role Confusion adolescence o Adolescents must find out who they are what they value and a direction for their lives They must be given opportunities to explore alternative options and roles for the future Identity Status Identity Status Explored Options Made Commitments Identity Achievement Moratorium common for high school students Identity Foreclosure Identity Diffusion Eriksons work really focused on identityAs part of the teachers role teachers are suppose to help children to find their identity o Explore and think about optionsFOUNDATIONS OF SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Attachmentthe relationship formed between a child and one or more caregiverswant kids to create secure attachments set the stage for future relationships4 Different classifications of attachment qualitySecurely attached these infants showed distress when separated from their mothers but were readily calmed or soothed by the mothers returnInsecureavoidant these infants appeared indifferent to the departure of their mothers from the room and avoided their mothers when they returnedInsecureresistant these infants displayed high levels of distress during the separations episodes but responded with ambivalence when their mothers returned
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