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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 15 Exam marks discussion Personality through developmental context how significant human development is in shaping the tasks we face at each life stage, its one thing to know someone is extraverted at age 16 and 36 but how the extraverted individually may have changed in terms of preoccupations, concerns, and etc. differences in environmental staging of tasks is needed if having complete understanding of development. Erik Erikson and psychosocial development Reformulation of Freuds developmental stage model of psychosexual development Eriksons primary achievements were reformulate psychosexual development into life long theory of psychosocial development. Two distinguishing features way Erikson appropriates and re-conceptualizes each of the Freudian stages and how he extends Freuds model beyond childhood to postulate continued development. Two key ideas that seem to underlie a lot of Ericksons thinking epigenetic principle the idea that personality he imagined was designed to unfold in a predetermined series of developmental stages - Each stage confronts us with a particular developmental challenge and this challenge must be addressed although no
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