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Lecture 17

Lecture 17

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

stPSYB30H3SMonday March 21 2011 PersonalityLecture 17 Lecture 17 Notes LAST cluster of material for examcourse Thisnext weekrole of narrativeLife of Pireligion McAdams believes this lifenarrativestory approach offers a third tier in understanding people Essentially the psychology of the strangerknowing someones traits Filling in details w characteristic adaptations people make McAdams would argueto TRULY understand a person in his or her entiretymove beyond to levels of LIFESTORYMade meaningful organized unitypurposeTheres new info to be learned about peopleWhen we understand ourselves or others exceptionally well we have an understanding of the narrative of which the person in question lives their lives Perhaps across all psychotherapiescommon denominator all are tapping into role of therapist as producing a relationship in which the patientclient can revise their lifestory More conducive to adaptive functioning AGENCYfocus on self formulation of separations striving forpower selfs efforts to expandgrow and become increasingly differentiatedCOMMUNIONcomplimentary refers to things that have their focus on others striving for contactmotivation w others Conneting to others Best thought of as metaconcepts not limited to one theoretical framework Formation of the Life Story starts as childcan one trust mistrust others in times of need etc
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