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Lecture 1

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Oren Amitay

Lecture 1 NotesWhat is PersonalityPersonality is not a readily defined conceptPersonality is a construct so you can only infer it from ones behaviourThere is little common agreement among personality theorists on the appropriate use of the termNoone can agree on the degrees of personality and how to measure itWhat is TheoryA set of abstract concepts developed about a group of facts or events in order to explain themA theory of personality is an organized system of beliefs that helps us to understand human natureThe Role of Personality in PsychologyThe study of personality is heir to two different approaches academic psychology and clinical practiceMacro theories of personality seek to be global and emphasize comprehension of the whole personunderstanding the person as a wholeClinicalMicro theories of personality result from specific research focused on limited aspects of human behaviourA look at 1 or 2 pieces of personality or behaviourAcademicThe Evaluation of Personality TheoriesAs philosophers personality theorists seek to explore what it means to be a personwhy are we here what it means to be humanhere there isnt really a process of gathering dataevidenceyoure just philosophizingAs scientists personality theorists hope to develop a workable set of hypotheses that will help us understand human behaviourscience requires that we have a basic structure or contextAs artists personality theorists seek to apply what is known abt pplebehaviour to foster a better lifeOnce you know something you apply it in a practical mannerLook at Textbook Table 11 Quiz for yourself Philosophical AssumptionsFreedom vs determinismHeredity vs environmentalUniqueness vs UniversalityProactive vs ReactiveOptimistic vs Pessimistic
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