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Lecture 10

Personality Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Oren Amitay

Lecture 10 Michael J. Bailey believed that homosexuality is biologically determined but he is anti-gayIf it is defective you can find a cure and if you cant and it is genetic, abortion. READ ABOUT EYSENCKS DIFFERENT LEVELS. SUPERFACTOREysenck first came up with two super factorsand then one later on. o Introversion Vs Extraversion Degree to which a person is outgoing and participative in relating to other people o Emotionality Vs Stability Individuals adjustment to the environment and the stability of his or her behaviour over time o PSYCHOTICISM Characterized by the loss of distortion of reality and inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy Psychotic= A break from reality, (we all have a small break from realityDAYDREAMING) Eysenck said that Psychoticism can be characterized by these traits Aggressive Antisocial Cold Creative Egocentric Impersonal Impulsive Tough minded Pathetic A LOT OF THESE TRAITS OVERLAP WITH THE OTHER DIMENSION. BIGGEST PROBLEM: RESEARCH SHOWS THAT PSYCHOTICISM PREDICTS DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONALITY DISORDERS ESPECIALLY MORE BIZARRE ONES LIKE PARANOID PERSONALITY DISORDERPREDICTS PSYCHOTIC EXPERIENCES Prefer violent films, hang out with rebellious people EYSENCK CONFUSES PYCHOTOCISM AND PSYCHOPATHY. Hes adding to the stigma. Hes basically saying that there is overlap between the two groups=OFFENSIVE. Most people hear about schizophrenia on the news they hear all these bad stories and they become afraid of psychotic.
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