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Week 9-lec 15

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Marc A Fournier

Personality Week 9 ( LEC 15) Eric Eriksons theory of psycosocial development: (advanced , reformfrom Frueds) -he sought to reformulized Freuds theory to discuss the life long stages of social development -he extentds it beyong childhood, showing we grown and learndevelopment throught life, each stage has an issue and when we confront these stages we get a virtue out of it -Erikson was born from Jewish and protestant family; rejected by both sides and therefore stage when he was the outsider lived like a Gypsy in Europe and takes a job in Vienna (psycoanaylisis school, Freuds daughter ) he took teaching JOB TO TAKE CARE OF patients kids and analysist kids, chose to become analyst and trained, and had to go through psychotherapy (Anna Freud was his analyst) went to US taught at yale, Harvard. -named himself as Erikson son of Eric. He produced his own identity -key ideas in Erickson theory: 1. The Epigenetic Principle: idea that personality unfolds in a predetermined sequence of stages that everyone must pass through in development and each stag confronts us with developmental taskissue. We do not need to succeed or resolve it. For each task there is an optimal time to undertake this task, and we will be affected if we confront it too soon. After we resove it we develop a psychosocial strenghth called VIRTUE. By completing this psychosocial task, we settle (balance)a tension between, these tasks have competing outcomes (trust vs mistrust) The virtue is foumd between the two. You can fail by have this in (excess)MALADAPTIVE or (deficiency) MALIGNANCY. The goal is to fall in between these outcomes to get virtue. 2. Triple Bookkeeping: Individuals life must be understood on 3 levelscharacteristics Level 1: the body sexual and libidinal urges Level 2: the individuals (EGO)consoucs understanding of the world. 3. Family and society must be understood in analyzing the individual Erikson had life stages where as Freudian finished at 6. First STAGES: INFANCY 0-1 Primary stage in life: Trust vs Mistrust. Mothers relation to the child. Questions concerned here are will I be feed when hungry, care, attention, nurtue. Will I be able to trust those close to me. Virtue accuired here will be HOPE (ability to believe it will workget better in the end) this helps the child deal with adversities in throughout life. Maladaptation: SENSORY DISTORTION (to be guliable, trust everyone) Malignancy: WITHDRAWL (too mistrusting; paranoya, depression) 2ndStage: Toodler 2-3: Autonomy vs Shame & doubt Toilet training, opportunities of self mastery, the have locomotion(walk), acquire language, exploring environment. Also opporunites for embarrassment and failure. MALADAPTIVE:
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