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lec 16

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Marc A Fournier

Personality Week 9 LEC 16 EXPLORATION COMMITMENT ACHIEVEMENYES YES T MORATORIU YES NO M FORECLOSURNO YES E DIFFUSION NO NO Significant difference between Freud and Eriksons development. In Freeuds theory it is possible to develop so poorly, you will be unable to move on to another, where as in Eriksons whether you have succeded or failed, we are moved because of societal demands, whether you are prepared to mee them or not. You will be confronted with the challenges whether you like it or not. James Marcia developed a semi-structured interview to categorize people into these groups. Those who had identity achievement and meet challenge had following characteristics: A persons faith is unique to each individual. Ive considered and reconsidered it myself and know what I can believe. (religion)Ive thought my political beliefs through and realize I may or may not agree with many of my parents beliefs. (politics)It took me a long time to decide but now I know for sure what direction to move in for a career. (career)
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