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Lecture 15

Thorough Notes on Lecture 15

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Personality Mon, March 142011 Lecture 15 Overview of Week 9 PART I: Erik Homburger Erikson PART II: Identity & Intimacy PART III: Generativity PART I Erik Homburger Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Development this is a reformulation of Freuds Psychoanalytic model Freud proposed a model of psycho-sexual development which Erikson reformulated into a life-long theory of Psycho-social development STAGES TASKSISSUE various tasksissues that each stage presented VIRTUESSTRENGTHS various virtuesstrengths he imaged we acquired after confronting each of these challenges successfully Erik Homburger & Erik Erikson The Outsider He was born as Erik Homburger, Jew mother and Protestant father Father abandoned Erik and mother Erik found himself accepted by neither community (Jewish or Protestant) Authors refer to this stage in Eriks life as The Outsider The Wandering Artist In his early 20s Erik began travelling Europe as an artist living a gypsy lifestyle (borat would hate him) and he travelled until age 25 when he landed in Vienna The Psychoanalyst Once in Vienna, he takes teaching position in a small school Trained to become a Psychoanalyst In order to become a psychoanalyst, you have to undergo psychoanalysis from a therapist Anna Freud (Freuds daughter) was his therapist The American In 1933, with the changing political situation in Vienna, he heads to USA Assumes many teaching positions at prestigious institutions In 1939 adopts new name, Erik Erikson he did it because he was full of himself after all his achievements his last name, Erikson, means that hes his own son...his own creator Fundamental Eriksonian Concepts Two key ideas that underlie a lot of his thinking:
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