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Lecture 20

Thorough Notes on Lecture 20

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 nd Personality Wed, March 302011 Lecture 20 - 2 half of Myth & Narrative PART II: (cont...) Earliest Memories & Style of Life Style of Life The individuals unique interpretation of his or her own inferiority, and the pattern of goal striving undertaken to overcome this feeling All of us have our own feeling of inferiority and we come up with our own way to deal with that inferiority Adler believed that the best way to become acquainted with another persons Style of Life is to ask them about their Earliest Memories (first things in life we remember) Earliest Memories Reveal a basic life attitude Significant for their perceived meaning they express the style with which we handle our sense of inferiority Not necessarily factually or historically correct it doesnt matter if this memory is real or construed, what matters is that when asked whats the earliest thing you remember, this memory is the one you bring up. The fact that its the first thing you say is whats revealing Overview of Part III Jungs Analytical Psychology Attitudes & Functions Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious Individuation & the Transcendent Function Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) Born the son of a country parson and raised in a household rich in religion, philosophy, and literature Freuds hand-chosen successor (for a time) Ultimately broke from Freud and followed a four-year period during which he was seized by a series of vivid dreams and mystical experiences developed his own theory of personality and psychotherapy The Two Attitudes Jung believed that everyone adopts a central attitude towards themselves and the larger world (one of the two) Introversion
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