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Lecture 16

lecture 16

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

PSYB30PersonalityWed March 162011Lecture 16PART II contIdentity Status ClassificationscontinuedAchievement PathmakersThe following are the kinds of statements interviewees researcher named James Marcia is interviewer would make if they Achieved IdentityA persons faith is unique to each individual Ive considered and reconsidered it myself and know what I can believe religionIve thought my political beliefs through and realize I may or may not agree with many of my parents beliefs politicsIt took me a long time to decide but now I know for sure what direction to move in for a career careerSo each of these items in some way make reference to exploration and commitmentFrom an Eriksonian perspective these are the individuals whove met the challenge and emerged having made well defined commitments These individuals do better in school and they score higher in TAT measures of achievement motivationThey are not rebellious but they certainly dont conform to peer pressure or social norms because theyre engaged in a process of exploring what they think before abiding by or refusing to abide by various rulesMoratorium SearcherswwwnotesolutioncomIm not so sure what religion means to me Im like to make up my mind but Im not done looking yet religionIm not sure about my political beliefs but Im trying to figure out what I can truly believe in politicsI just cant decide what to do for an occupation There are so many possibilities careerThere are signs that the person is taking on the challenge of identity in good faith exploring the alternatives available to themHave yet to make the commitments that distinguish Achievement individuals from these guysTheyre in a search hence Searchers for ideological and vocational commitments but they have yet to consolidate themThese individuals tend to me more on the anxious side but they also tend to be friendly likeable sensitive and insightfulSo you could give them labels like Neurotic but Agreeabletheyre warm individuals but they have the anxiety that comes naturally when one hasnt found their place in the worldForeclosure GuardiansI attend the same church as my family has always attended Ive never really questioned why religionI guess Im pretty much like my folks when it comes to politics I follow what they do in terms of voting and such politicsMy parents had it decided a long time ago what I should go into and Im following their career plans careerwwwnotesolutioncom
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