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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 17 18 Personality LIFE STORY McAdams: pioneered the narrative psychology to understand personality - To truly understand a person we need to understand their life story Approach to understanding life story: Agency: - Concern the self (separation of self and other world) - Striving for self - Power or rank is characteristic on agency Communion: - Concern for others rather than self - Formations of connections - Striving for contact with others McAdams: Ones life story role of caregiver attachment to have trust or mistrust: early experiences produces the strength that erikson called hope: the infant has an attitude in which they acquire to the world: the tone will either be: -> Optimistic: comedy or romanitic way : happy endings -> Pessimistic : tragedy and irony: These are set in the early life believing your wishes will be gained or neglected Early childhood: children come in contact with the larger society, going to school, and developing relations that are not directed by parents with a large variety They can differentiate bw fam life and school life Later Childhood Themes: now able to reason story grammar: the internal logic of a story: beginning middle and end, they can seeviolations of a story McAdams argue that all characters are all striving for either: Agency (mastery) Communion (union) Adolescencesand Ideological settings - Ask moral things, what is good and true - Trying to develop a belief system for themselves Ideology of justice (belief systems for human rights) the agentic side of human nature Ideology of care (value systems that put a toll on responsibility and obligation) the communal facet - Time to choosea character for yourself ( Imago) we are the main character in our life story, a personalized and idealized version of oneself (Imago) Imago includes all the social roles we hold and cultural value
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