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Lecture 14

lecture 14

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 14 Personality Basic Psychological need: Autonomy: the need to feel the sense of choice, the ownership of ones Competence: mastery and effectiveness, one can go out to the environment and extract what we need Relatedness: the need to care for the other ppl and get cared for Personality growth: Growth promoting, Contextual factors: Autonomy support: environments can differ, innovation is encouraged, and pressure to perform in the environment is minimized Structure: feedback for your behavior to satisfy your needs Involvement: other ppl care about what you think and your growth Self determination theorists: plant analogy: You need to supply plants with nutrients, the plants grows and flourish, when its deprived of it, it will die Psychological needs behave in the same way, need to feel related to and competence and autonomy, we need these to help us in our mental status Internalization: psychological process that taking an external behavior and putting it within us to make it seem like thats who you are, there are degrees to how something can become internalized, it can bring to ourselves and part of who we are, less external pressure, so we feel that its coming from inside External regulation: we are doing this to get rewards or avoid punishments Introjections: external regulation become partly incorporated, there is no external punishment or rewards, now we are doing something because its internal reward or punishment
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