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LEC02: Current Paradigms and the Role of Cultural Factors

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Current Paradigms and the Role of Cultural FactorsThe Role of Paradigmsconceptual framework or approach within which a scientist worksBiological Paradigmcaused by disturbed biological processesbiological clinician looks for a biological marker behavioural genetics study of individual difference in behaviour that are attributable in part to differences in genetic make up DNAgenotype vs phenotypegenotype the total genetic make up of and individual consisting of inherited genes on which are unobservable phenotype the observable behavioural characteristics of a personfamily method used to study a genetic predisposition among members of a family because the average number of genes shared by two blood relatives is knowntwin methodmonozygotic MX twinsidentical twins share 100 genetic make updizygotic DZnot identicaladoptees method environmental factorthe study of when the twins are adopted and reared apartanother way of studying what the influence of our environment might causeconcordantdisconcordant set of twins havedont have same illness BIOLOGICAL PARADIGM BIOCHEMISTRYneurotransmissionchemical molecules are activated when an electrical current runs through or freeze them the molecules that move from one neuro to another is called neuro transmitters reuptake BIOLOGICAL PARADIGM STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE HUMAN BRAINcortical structure is on the exterior part of the brain frontal lobe parietal lobe occipital lobe temporal lobe higher cognitive function attention thinking languagesubcortical structures is the interior part of he brain they are much more complex respon for movement basic processes sensation
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